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16 Jun


We are in mid-June and the events in the Valdichiana Senese are starting to get more and more crowded, with appointments ranging from culture to folklore to food and wine.

If some events have already taken place in the first half of the year, such as the “Preview of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano”, the “Palio dei Somari” and “Torrita Borgo dei Libri” in Torrita di Siena, “Lo gradireste un goccio di Vin Santo?” in Montefollonico, “Cetona in Fiore” and the “Sagra dei Pastrignocchi e del Cuculo” in Cetona, the “Sagra dei Pici” in Celle sul Rigo (San Casciano dei Bagni), the “La Valle del Gigante Bianco” in Bettolle and the “ Festa Biancalana” (Sinalunga), “Du’ pici sotto le Stelle” in Chianciano Terme, “Borghi in Festa e CastelLibro” in Castelmuzio (Trequanda), many, many others are on the way.

Here we have selected some for you, through which you can discover the truest and most authentic side of our territory.
To stay updated on all the other events taking place in Valdichiana Senese, follow the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/stradavinonobile .



Sagra del Bico
From 23rd to 25th June and from 29th June to 2nd July

To taste this kind of flatbread cooked in a wood oven, made with flour, water, yeast, oil, a pinch of salt, typical of the Piazze, a hamlet of Cetona, the appointment is between the end of June and the beginning of July .

Corsa delle Brocche
From 21 to 23 and from 28 to 30 July

Synchronism, resistance and physical strength: these are the characteristics of the athletes who challenge each other every year to win victory for their Contrada. The Corsa delle Brocche will take place this year on 30 July, but in the two previous days and on the weekend from 21 to 23 July, there are numerous collateral events scheduled.

Cetona omaggia Ceronetti
From 24 to 27 August

The three days dedicated to the Turin writer and philosopher Guido Ceronetti, who made Cetona his retreat, are back. Shows and theater workshops, readings and book presentations are scheduled to remember, rediscover and celebrate the identity of a culturally complex man.

Chianciano Terme

I suoni di Sillene – Festival Musicale di Chianciano Terme
From 30 June to 7 October

The Festival counts ten concerts in some of the most beautiful and significant locations in Chianciano: the Excelsior Congress Centre, Fucoli Park, the Piazzolina dei Soldati, Piazza Italia, Acquasanta Park and Teatro Caos. In July, masterclasses and workshops will also take place.

Festa della Musica
From 18 to 20 August

Palamontepaschi and Fucoli Park are ready to host the 21st edition of the event which attracts people from all over the territory to Chianciano Terme.

From 7 to 10 September and from 14 to 17 September

Two weekends that include events to discover the Chianciano area and the Valdichiana, including walks, horseback riding, food and wine tastings, as well as relaxation and fun at the spa.


Tria Turris – Festival degli Artisti di Strada nel Medioevo
From 23 to 25 June

An intense weekend to immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere with fire-breathing shows, jugglers, magicians and musicians. On Sunday, the great historical procession and the Palio delle Torri.

Lars Rock Fest
From 7 to 9 July

Tenth edition for this event which features many musicians taking turns on stage, but also collateral initiatives, such as workshops, presentations, the “Open Book – the Independent Publishing Fair”, the Disco Market and the Street Market.

Ruzzi della Conca
End of August beginning of September

Forty-first edition of this event centered on the game of “Palla al Bracciale”: the five districts of Chiusi Scalo are once again ready to battle it out to win the coveted Conca.



48° Cantiere Internazionale d’arte di Montepulciano – Montepulciano and all the Municipalities of the Valdichiana Senese
From 14 to 30 July

In the heart of summer, a high-level cultural event that includes concerts, theatrical performances, operas, meetings and conferences, workshops, in suggestive locations in all the Municipalities of the Valdichiana Senese. A rich and articulated program for the 48th edition of the event.

Calici di Stelle
10 August

For over 20 years, on the night of San Lorenzo, the Renaissance town has come alive with itinerant tastings with the star coupon and guided tastings in exclusive locations. An excellent opportunity to taste dozens of labels in tasting of Vino Nobile and Rosso di Montepulciano.

Bravìo delle Botti
Event Week August 19-27 – Race August 27

A whole week of events, from 19 to 27 August, up to the final day on Sunday with the race of the “Bravìo delle Botti”, the historical re-enactment in which the eight districts of the city compete for the painted cloth. Each Contrada competes with two athletes who push wooden barrels weighing around 80 kg along a path of ups and downs that winds through the streets of Montepulciano.

San Casciano dei Bagni

Ciaffagnanone Street Food edition
17 and 18 June

Two days to taste one of the typical products of San Casciano dei Bagni, in the savory or sweet version, the ciaffagnone, a simple but very tasty pancake. A show for the taste buds and for the eyes, because it is exciting to see the skill and speed with which the people of San Casciano throw the ciaffagnone in the air and catch it again in flight, to cook it well on both sides.

La Terrazza. Incontri a San Casciano dei Bagni
July and August

A calendar of interesting appointments between July and August, for the review that sees personalities and famous faces of current events confront each other on contemporary themes. Great preview last May 31 with the journalist Helga Cossu who met Roberto Cingolani, physicist and CEO of Leonardo.

Palio di San Cassiano
The Sunday closest to August 13th

First the historical procession with Renaissance-era clothes that winds along the streets of the town, then the Popular Games that take place in the central Piazza Matteotti, which becomes the fulcrum of the challenges between the four Contrade: the Corsa dei Sacchi, the Pentolaccia, the Pole della Cuccagna and the Corsa with the jug, up to the final Corsa.


Iniziative per il Festival dell’Annunciazione: Alba alle Pianacce & Il tramonto sulla montagna – Necropoli delle Pianacce & Fontevetriana
24 June

Within the rich calendar of the Annunciation Festival, two decidedly evocative concerts are held in Sarteano on 24 June: the Sarteano Philharmonic provides a meeting at dawn at the Necropolis of Pianacce and a meeting at sunset in Fontevetriana. Two fascinating venues for unique concerts.

Giostra del Saracino
14 August “Provaccia” – 15 August Giostra del Saracino

The Giostra del Saracino has been held continuously since 1712, but there is evidence from before 1583 of this event which took place on an occasional basis. As per tradition, before the actual Giostra on 15 August, the provaccia is scheduled on the 14th and the Tratta dei Bossoli on the 11th. The Giostra is a dispute between the five Contrade, and recalls the fight of the knights against the Saracen, the Arab marauder who frightened the Christians for a long time.

Sarteano Jazz&Blues
From 25 to 27 August

The musical festival dedicated to jazz and blues that takes place in the historic center of Sarteano returns at the end of August. The 34th edition will see, like every year, great local and international artists animate the most iconic squares of the village with their music.


From 14 to 16 July

A festival featuring acrobatic shows, theater performances and fire and light shows. Acrobats on stilts alternate with illusionists and quick-change artists, for the appointment that this year sees the involvement of artists from the two cities twinned with Sinalunga: Ay-Champagne and Dorking.
Musical and dance performances, rhythmic gymnastics, photographic and pictorial exhibitions and guided tours of the tunnels of the Chestnut Fountain and the Etruscan Rooms of Larth.

Extravaganza Birranthology Festival – Scrofiano
From 25 to 27 August

The Festival dell’extravaganza which takes place in Scrofiano, a village of Sinalunga, is proposed again this year with three evenings of music and a vast selection of craft beers. This year the event is further enriched with a fantasy role-playing game and a talk on the figure of John Carpenter with beer tasting.

Fiera alla Pieve, Festa della Madonna del Rosario
3 October

The Fiera alla Pieve, which characterizes not only Sinalunga but the entire territory of the Valdichiana, has been organized for over 100 years in honor of the Madonna del Rosario. Tradition and religion are inextricably linked in this appointment which includes the great product fair but also many other initiatives such as the Agriculture Fair, which aims to enhance and promote one of the excellent local products, Chianina beef.

Torrita di Siena

Torrita Blues
From 22 to 24 June

The deep rhythm of the blues returns to the fore in Piazza Matteotti in Torrita di Siena, where the 35th edition of the Torrita Blues takes place at the end of June.
An appointment that every year attracts fans of the genre and beyond, also thanks to the prominent names that alternate on stage.
This year great expectations for Irene Grandi who will arrive in Torrita on Friday, and for Mud Morganfield, whose performance is scheduled for Saturday.
As per tradition, grand opening of the event on Thursday evening with dinner in the square.

Premio Nazionale di pittura “Città di Torrita”
2 and 3 September

The 13th edition of the Prize is divided into two sections, the first with studio works and the second with extemporaneous works.
The second section will take place on the first weekend of September, with the artists who will position themselves in the historic center of Torrita di Siena with their easels, canvases and colours. It will be exciting to see them work with passion and dedication in search of the perfect glimpse to be transposed onto the canvas.

Torrita Biodiversità – Festa dell’Agri Cultura
16 and 17 September

An initiative aimed at promoting the value of biodiversity, a primary element to be safeguarded for sustainable development and to be preserved as a cultural heritage. A full immersion in the theme of “biodiversity” with two days of conferences, exhibitions and dedicated initiatives. Meetings with producers, experts, scholars and professionals in the agri-food sector, along an exhibition itinerary of traditional products recognized as excellences of the Valdichiana area, native breeds and plant varieties, with attention to ancient crops.


Corrida del Contadino – Petroio
From 16 to 18 June

Fun and deeply felt by the community of Petroio, a hamlet of Trequanda, the Corrida del Contadino is synonymous with aggregation. There are four Contrade, each with two athletes, who compete on Sunday in a race with a decidedly out of the ordinary obstacle course.
The event starts on Friday, and on Saturday, the small center turns into “Petroio village of art” with the impromptu themed painting “Petroio in festa”.

Cena in piazza dell’ospite
July 22nd

In the central square of Trequanda, a dinner under the starry sky to unite the local community and the guests present in the area, who are involved in the kitchen and in the service, and not just in the actual banquet.
The evening is made even more entertaining by those who delight in the service, who dress in old-fashioned clothes.

Festa dell’Olio Novo
From 13 to 15 October and 21 e 22 October

The extra virgin olive oil is a real pride for this town which is nestled in the hills of the Valdichiana Senese. Precisely to pay homage to this product, symbol of Trequanda’s area, this festival is organized over two weekends, one in Castelmuzio and one in Trequanda. Both weekends are characterized by specific appointments focused on yellow gold but also on many initiatives of a different nature.

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