Torrita di Siena

Originally a fortified castle town, today Torrita di Siena is still embraced by its 12th century defensive walls, where four gates open onto the old town centre: Porta Gavina, Porta a Pago, Porta a Sole, and Porta Nova. The 13th century Town Hall stands over Piazza Matteotti, where there is an ancient cistern that once supplied water for the entire town. Follow the Vin Santo path, a nature trail through the surrounding countryside, to the town of Montefollonico, and taste a drop of the traditional local Vin Santo, a local symbol of welcome.

Discover the hamlet of Torrita di Siena. 


– Theatre of the dark
– Church of Santa Flora e Lucilla
– Montefollonico
– “Il Tondo” of Montefollonico

Torrita di Siena

What to do in Torrita di Siena

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