Chianciano Terme

This is one of the most famous spa towns in Italy, the perfect place to rediscover tranquillity and wellbeing. The veins of thermal spring water that flow beneath Chianciano Terme offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy these waters to the full: immerse yourself in their warmth, or sip them and feel the benefits of their purifying qualities. The town is divided into two clearly distinct areas that complement each other perfectly: a modern area, with boutiques, art galleries, parks, shops of every kind, restaurants, and hotels; and the old town centre, the town’s original heart, where its most ancient memories are lovingly preserved.

Discover the hamlet of Chianciano Terme.


– Terme Theia
– Terme Sensoriali
– Terme of Sant’Elena
– Fucoli Park
– Acqua Santa Park
– Matteotti Square
– Temple of Madonna della Rosa
– Etruscan Civic Museum
– Villa La Foce Garden

Chianciano Terme

What to do in Chianciano Terme


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