This city, of Etruscan origin, invites exploration, both above and below the streets. The journey begins at the Cattedrale Museum, where visitors can gain access to Porsenna’s Labyrinth. Visitors to the Civic Museum can descend into the Underground City, and there is a wonderful exhibition of Etruscan funerary items. Don’t miss the National Etruscan Museum, and the nearby Etruscan tombs of the Monkey, the Lion, and the Pilgrim. The shores of lake Chiusi offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy the unspoilt natural landscape by foot or by bicycle.

Discover  the hamlet of Chiusi


– XX settembre Square
– Cathedral of San Secondiano
– Museum of the Cathedral and The Labyrinth of Porsenna
– National Etruscan Museum
– Civic Museum – Underground City
– Pilgrim and Lion Tomb
– Monkey Tomb
– Colle Tomb
– Catacombe
– Chiusi Lake


What to do in Chiusi

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