Il Frantoio [The Olive Oil Mill] di Montepulciano

Frantoio montepulciano
22 Apr

Il Frantoio [The Olive Oil Mill] di Montepulciano

Via di Martiena, 2
Montepulciano (SI)
Tel:(+39) 0578 716305


“Il Frantoio di Montepulciano” is a cooperative that collects several hundreds of small farmers who carry out their activities in one of the most popular areas of Italy for the perfect preservation of the environment. It is thanks to this combination that the characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil produced here are amazing and unique: a typical product that comes from a land celebrated since the ancient times for its vocation to produce oil and wine of the highest quality. This area is particularly suitable for growing olives: the gentle hilly lie and the altitude – ranging from 300 to 650 meters above sea level – allow a continuous ventilation that makes the air healthy and clean, as well as to avoid the use of chemical products. The farmers personally take care of their trees, and follow the harvest from the plant to the mill.

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