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31 Jan

Valdichiana Senese area presents 2022 data

The data relating to tourist presences in Valdichiana Senese during 2022 are extremely positive.

1,169,954 people arrived in Valdichiana Senese in 2022 – Montepulciano and Chianciano Terme accounted about 63% of overnight stays in the entire Area – 62.8% choose to sleep in hotels – the average length of stay is 2.1 nights – the longest stays in Cetona with an average of 4.7 nights

Valdichiana Senese is one of the 28 Tourist Areas in Tuscany to have grown the most, returning to the top ten in all the region and ranking among the top four rural destinations by increase in presences.
The entire Tuscany can boast in 2022 a satisfactory recovery of tourist flows and the Valdichiana Senese fits into this more than appreciable picture, a photograph of what was the tourist movement in the territory over the past 12 months.
The work carried out with constancy and the investments made, today allow us to have these important results which, moreover, can only improve considering that not all of them have yet been achieved. The Valdichiana Senese Area, with Strada del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano e dei Sapori della Valdichiana Senese and the tour operator Valdichiana Living, official DMC of the area, has never stopped and has always continued in its promotion of the territory, even in the midst of the pandemic Covid-19. The scenarios are positive for the area, thanks to the strategies that have been implemented and to an elaborate tourist offer capable of responding to the requests, wishes and needs of all those who intend to come to Valdichiana Senese.
According to the statistics on the data collected to date, the 9 Municipalities of the Valdichiana Senese closed with a consistent growth compared to 2021, both in terms of arrivals and tourist presences.
The attendance figure for 2022, equal to 1,169,954 units, is extremely positive compared to that of 2021 – when the attendance totaled 875,049 – even if the 2019 figure – the pre-pandemic year – has not yet been fully recovered – in which 1,299,879 admissions were registered.
In the difference between 2021 and 2022, is important the data about foreign presences. If that relating to national tourism in 2022 shows a good increase compared to 2021, that concerning foreign tourism shows a significant increase. In some Municipalities of the destination, arrivals and attendances are even more than doubled compared to the previous year. A clear sign that foreign tourists have returned to the territory.
All the Municipalities ended 2022 with a positive balance compared to 2021, with variations above the average in Chiusi, Cetona, Sarteano, Chianciano Terme and Torrita di Siena. Montepulciano and Chianciano Terme accounted for 63% of overnight stays in the entire Area.
Travelers mostly chose hotel-type accommodation (62.8%), with an average length of stay of 2.1 nights. The longest stays in Cetona with an average of 4.7 nights, followed by Sarteano and Torrita di Siena.

An overview of tourism in Tuscany

According to Irpet, in the first 8 months of last year, the destinations that suffered the most from Covid-19 in the two-year period 2020-2021 grew the most, and therefore the cities of art, historical-artistic destinations and the hilly ones. In this regard, the Valdichiana Senese is one of the 28 Tourist Areas to have grown the most, returning to the top ten, and placing itself among the top four rural destinations by increase in presences.
According to data released by Istat, the first 8 months of 2022 were very positive for the foreign tourist flow to Tuscany. On the other hand, the flow of Tuscan tourism within the regional borders is decreasing, albeit to a limited extent, while the non-Tuscan national tourism component is stable, especially from the southern regions.
If 2020 was the black year of tourism due to the Covid-19 virus, and 2021 was the year of slow recovery, 2022 can truly be defined as the year of restart.
Foreign tourists, mainly from non-European countries, mostly from the American continent, have returned to our region. A modest increase in Asian visitors is also recorded. In the Tuscan tourism scenario, the foreign countries protagonists of the recovery are those of the Scandinavian peninsula and English-speaking ones, as well as the United States, Australia and South America. The only market on the Asian continent to make a difference is South Korea. Then there are non-European nationalities that mark an important growth for regional tourism, namely the Indian sub-continent and South Africa.

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