Etruscan workshop for children at Civic Museum in Chiusi

Etruscan workshop for children at Civic Museum in Chiusi

Disegnamo i mostri etruschi al museo civico

Learn to write the Etruscan alphabet or draw the Etruscan monsters


The world of the Etruscans will become even more fascinating once you discover the imagery of fantastic creatures, deities and demons that were represented on cinerary urns and on the walls of the tombs. With this creative and educational tour designed for families you will try your hand at the art of drawing in the rooms of the Civic Museum of Chiusi, taking inspiration from the thousand-year-old Etruscan representations. In fact, learning about history has never been so fun!

A real writing workshop led by the staff of the Civic Museum, during which the children try their hand at reproducing the alphabet and the Etruscan language using wax and clay tablets, small vases or terracotta artefacts, rolls of fabric (just like the ancient Etruscans!) where they will learn to reproduce symbols, words and short sentences in the Etruscan alphabet.

At the end of the experience at the Civic Museum, a delicious snack based on typical products awaits you in the historic center of Chiusi, where you can relax after a beautiful morning or afternoon at the Museum with the whole family.

  • Starting time: 10.30 am – 3.30 pm
  • Duration: almost 3 hours
  • Meeting point: Civic Museum of Chiusi the Underground City
  • Price per person: 69€ (minimum of 4 participants)
The tour includes:
  • Visit of the Civic Museum the Underground City
  • Kids workshop for about one hour
  • Snack for children and happy hour for parents with local products


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