Pienza is the most important example of “Ideal City” of the Tuscan Renaissance. Proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, it rises on a hill dominating the Val d’Orcia, an area, which has been declared a World Heritage Site, as an exemplary model of a harmonious relationship between nature and man. The reconstruction works of Pienza are due to Enea Silvio Piccolomini, a personality of great intelligence and humanistic culture, who was elected Pope Pius II in 1458, who entrusted the project to an illustrious architect of his time, Bernardo Gambarelli da Settignano, named “Il Rossellino”. Thus, in addition to Palazzo Piccolomini and the main church, such works gave life to a city in which the balance of shapes, and the harmony of proportions were keys to lifting the spirit and soul of men.

Discover the “Ideal City” of Pienza.


– The Cathedral
– Palazzo Piccolomini
– Palazzo Borgia
– Church of St. Francis
– Pieve di Corsignano
– The Old Hermitage
– Sant’Anna in Camprena
– Monticchiello


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