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13 Sep

Launched the new hiking trails “nature tourism” in Chianciano Terme

Hiking trails on mountain bike and on foot, winding through Valdichiana and Val D’Orcia

The seven paths and ring trails of Chianciano Terme are on Outdooractive, which is the largest European platform for outdoor activities, featuring over 160,000 itineraries

Chianciano Terme – The day of Saturday, June 10th, during a press conference extended to citizenship, in the Lecture Room of the Spa “Sant’Elena” in Chianciano Terme, featured the launch of the new hiking trails in the natural environment surrounding the city, rich and varied. The project, developed by the municipal administration of Chianciano Terme, and realized in collaboration with the Union of Municipalities of Valdichiana Senese, was presented by Andrea Morganti (Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Chianciano Terme) and Michele Arezzini (Technical Advisor Environmental Guide, Coordinator of the Project).

On Sunday, June 11the, the seven trails were officially launched with a walk, on foot and on mountain bike, during which the many enthusiasts got to the meeting point (i.e., the parking of Thermal Pools “Theia”, in Chianciano Terme), and then left to Villa “La Foce” and farm “Rifugio Pietraporciana”, surrounded by the Nature Reserve “Pietraporciana”, in Sarteano; a 30-km mountain bike ride, and a 13-km walk (round trip), which involved over sixty thousand people of different ages, including both locals and tourists.

As declared by Councillor for Sport, Andrea Morganti, «Las Sunday we launched the new hiking trails for the area of Chianciano Terme with two wonderful excursions, as part of a project, which brings Chianciano Terme to the attention of a large and new audience including nature and hiking (both on foot and on mountain bike) lovers. Last Sunday we wen through Ring No. 5, which starts in Chianciano Terme and gets to Pietraporciana».

«This has been made possible by the collaboration among various bodies and local associations, such as Chianciano Terme’s MTB and La Nordik Walking, which, in collaboration with environmental guide Michele Arezzini (coordinator of the Project), have drawn up the different hiking trails, not to mention, still in Chianciano Terme, Pastri Motors, which has made available free bikes and e-bikes».

At the Tourism Office of Chianciano Terme (Piazza Italia), hiking maps are available to locals and tourists. The trails have also been included in the website Outdooractive, namely the largest European website for outdoor activities, which displays over 160,000 trails to explore in summer and winter, including technical details (difficulty, length and duration of the trail, difference in altitude, etc.), elevation profile, map with the trail marked, GPX viewer, and descriptions. Here is the website.

In addition to the website, there is also available the application Outdooractive, namely a support for planning and preparing for the hiking: a sort of guide to explore on-site the itinerary you have chosen. This application provides features designed to be used in outdoor environments (on the other hand, Germany, Austria and Switzerland can rely on very detailed Outdooractive maps, which also include hiking and cycling networks, whereas the rest of the world has at its disposal OSM maps). The application has got some useful functions such as a compass, an inclinometer, an altimeter, and a rescue call, and works both on iPhone and iPad (Universal App), as well as with the Health App Integration.

Here is a description of the seven new hiking trails in the area of Chianciano Terme: 

Trail No. 1 – Short Ring Trail of Chianciano Terme

The route is 7 km. long, with an altitude of 214 mts. uphill. On foot, it has an average length of 2 hours and 7 minutes, and reaches a maximum heigth of 688 mts. a. s. l. The trail starts at the parking of Thermal Pools “Theia”, just at the right side of the parking; the gravel road runs along the pools and goes west to Via della Foresta for 2.4 kms. then turns right and climbs up to the repeater tower, which is the top point of the trail; then, it starts a long descent, which runs along the fence of farm “Monti di Sopra”, up to the paved road, at km. 4.6. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the old town center of Chianciano and all Valdichiana, as well as over Lake Montepulciano, Chiusi, and Trasimeno. From there, the road steeply falls for 200 mts., then it turns right and goes down Via dei Monti and Via Umbria, and finally goes back to Piazza Italia and climbs up to Thermal Pools “Theia”, which is the final point of this ring trail.

Trail No. 2 – Ring Trail Chianciano Terme / Convent of the Capuchin Friars in Montepulciano

The route is 10.3 kms. long, with an altitude of 268 mts. uphill. On foot, it has an average length of 3 hours and 3 minutes, and reaches a maximum heigth of 702 mts. The trail starts at the parking of Thermal Pools “Theia”, climbs up west running along the pools, following the same path as for Ring Trail No. 1 for the first section. The road climbs through Via della Foresta for 3 kms., up to reaching the area “Poggiardelli”, where it turns right and reaches, in 1.5 kms., the Convent of the Capuchin Friars, which is the top point of the trail (702 m. a. s. l.). The trail runs across the Convent before the entrance on the left and gets to the back part, then enters the forest following a track, which reaches the repeater tower. Here, the trail joins Ring Trail No. 1, which goes back to Chianciano Terme.

Trail No. 3 – Ring Trail Chianciano Terme / Montepulciano

The route is 10.6 kms. long, with an altitude of 226 mts. uphill. The trail starts at an altitude of 493 m. a. s. l. (which is the lowest point), and climbs up to the top point, at 671 m. a. s. l. The starting point is at the parking of Thermal Pools “Theia”; hence, it climbs up Via della Foresta for 3 kms., and the “Poggiardelli” crossroad it goes straight, up to Secondary Road No. 88. Then, it turns left and goes straight for some hundreds meters, it turns right following Via di Pianoia and then Via di Totona, getting to Montepulciano in the area of the Church of San Biagio. Down below the Church, you will find indications for the Sentiero del Nobile [The Vino Nobile Trail], going to the Lake Montepulciano, as well as for Sentiero della Bonifica [Path of Reclamation], and the Sentiero della Barlettaia, which goes to Pienza and joins Via Francigena.

Trail No. 4 – Ring Trail Chianciano Terme, Località “La Foce” / Nature Reserve “Pietraporciana” 

The route is 12.8 kms. long, with an altitude of 330 mts. uphill. The lowest point is at 507, and the top one at 801 m. a. s. l. The trail starts in Località “La Foce”, where you can visit Villa “Origo” and its beautiful gardens, and then continues on the road “Chiarentana”, to Castiglioncello del Trinoro and Sarteano. Here, you can enjoy a great view over the whole Val d’Orcia and Mount Amiata. Then, it continues on 7 kms., and turns left, getting to the estate “Pietraporciana”, just down below the Nature Reserve of the same name, with its wonderful beech forest. Just down below the estate, you can enjoy a wonderful view ranging from Valdichiana to Mount Amiata; hence, it goes down 3.5 kms., and goes back to the starting point.

Trail No. 5 – Ring Trail Chianciano Terme / Nature Reserve “Pietraporciana”

The route is 7 kms. long, with an altitude of 358 mts. uphill. The lowest point is at 402, and the top one at 702 m. a. s. l. The trail starts in Via Galileo Galilei, 100 mts. before turning to Via Vecchia Senese, locality “Le Piane”; you will find indications on the left of the road, just on a curve. The trail goes down passing by the archaeological site of Poggio Bacherina, arriving in Via Vecchia Senese. The GPS track indicates to drift along the paved road for 100 mts., however a path has been opened just in front of the municipal road exit, indicated by a sign, which goes back, after 50 mts. on the original trail, where it turns left and goes down to the Creek “Astrone”. After reaching the Creek, it turns left, running along the small river, and then you will find a steep climb reaching, after some kilometers, the gravel road, which joins “La Foce” with the Nature Reserve “Pietraporciana”, after a few hundred meters. The road continues towards Sarteano, passing through a beautiful picnic area. On the other hand, going down to the right, after approximately 3 kms., the road reaches “La Foce” on the path of Ring Trail No. 4.

Ring Trail No. 6 – Chianciano Terme / La Foce

The trail is 8.4 kms. long; it starts at the parking of Thermal Pools “Theia” and, for the first 3 kilometers, twists and turns on the same path of trails no. 1, 2, and 3, with the difference that, after the crossroad for Monticchiello on secondary road no. 88, it goes straight. The road turns again into a gravel one and, after 3 kms. it reaches “La Foce”, passing through Castelluccio. Hence, you can keep on Ring Trail no. 4 towards Sarteano, or continuing on to Val d’Orcia, following the hiking network of the Pienza’s Municipality.

Ring Trail No. 7 – Chianciano Terme / Path of Reclamation / Lake Chiusi

The trail is 15.4 kms. long, and starts from Chianciano Terme in the FIAT area (Viale della Libertà), going down to Via della Valle; at the end of the road turn right, then left to Via Cavine e Valli. The low-traffic paved road goes on for 5.9 kms., then turns right and turns into a gravel one. It goes on for 1 kilometer, then runs along the left side of farm “San Polo”. It overtakes the underpass on motorway A1, and, after 100 mts., it turns right and reaches the village of Montallese, running along the cemetery; it crosses secondary road no. 326 and goes straight, continuing in Via delle Macine. Then, it turns left and, after a few hundred of meters, turns right, reaching the Sentiero della Bonifica [Path of Reclamation]. Going right you reach the Lake Chiusi, and, after a few kilometers, the town of Chiusi, where you can visit some famous Etruscan tombs. On the other hand, turning left you will reach the Lake Montepulciano’s Nature Reserve. Then, you can go on towards Arezzo, or take the Sentiero del Vino Nobile, which gets to Montepulciano.


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