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26 Sep

Chianciano Terme European Town of Sport 2019

The official ceremony will be held in Rome, at the Honor Room of Coni on November 6, 2017: in 2018, representatives of the Municipality of Chianciano Terme will take part in the Gala Celebration of ACES Europe, at the European Parliament in Bruxelles.

It is now official: Chianciano Terme has been awarded the title of European Town of Sport 2019. The ACES (European Cities and Capitals of Sports Federation) Europe Commission, which has made public the results of the applications this year, has formally informed the Municipality of Chianciano Terme in recent days. Now, a major process officially starts for the Municipality of Chianciano Terme: the first concrete act will be the participation by Mayor Andrea Marchetti in the official ceremony, which will be held in Rome at the Room of Honor of CONI on November 6, 2017; afterwards, in 2018 representatives of the city of Chianciano Terme will be invited to the Grand Gala of ACES Europe at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Chianciano Terme, in the view of the Committee, has fully respected the characteristics of a city where “sport is really for everyone, with an eye to health, integration, education and respect,” which are the main objectives of ACES Europe.

As Mayor Andrea Marchetti has told, “Chianciano Terme has been, and will be more and more, a surprising container of sporting events, which also have the ability to present themselves as elements of a strong tourist attraction, as well as a great opportunity to promote the natural and cultural beauties of our territory. However, in a society where the number of pathologies is increasing, sport acquires a very important role for the community, as regards the promotion of health and physical well-being. It is therefore essential to have an in-depth knowledge, as well as an adequate multidisciplinary promotion, which may give young people the opportunity to live different experiences by choosing the most appropriate sport for their own characteristics and personality; an adequate and careful fight against doping in all its forms, as well as against the use of narcotics, alcohol abuse and smoking; a proper food education to combat the growing phenomenon of overweight and obesity; finally, educating about the importance of respecting environment and biodiversity, preserving natural resources, optimizing water and energy consumption, promoting the separate collection of waste (the “White Paper on Sport” presented in Brussels in 2007 recommends that sport activities, facilities and events should aim for a sustainable, and ecologically rational, management)”.

As stated by Councillor for Sport and Tourism, Andrea Morganti, “The fact that we can simultaneously rely on the implementation of wellness, medical and paramedical facilities, and the great hospitality that Chianciano Terme also offers to the city, make it an important driver at a national and international level for the analysis, study and elaboration of proposals concerning two crucial and topical issues in sport. The first theme involves monitoring the state of health and fitness regarding the performance of both professional athletes, and of those who practice sports at an amateur level, as well as the promotion of appropriate training and care for the attainment of physical well-being in the interest of the individual. This topic could be broadened to fight doping, as well as to a discussion on ethics in sport. The second theme concerns the analysis, study and elaboration of proposals – through partnership with the universities of the region, and specifical conferences – on issues of international interest, such as governance and new organizational and business patterns”.

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